Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year...Exciting Things To Come!

I'm just going to come out with it...

We're expecting another little one!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you already know all too well how much this pregnancy has kicked my butt.  I won't go into too much detail here, because I'm really not looking to have a pity party, but suffice it to say, I was surprised with how difficult this pregnancy has been compared to my first.

Regardless...I feel immeasurably blessed.

Another little 12 weeks and 2 days!

And have I mentioned that this little one is a GIRL?  I really could care less if I had a boy or a girl.  My son has taught me that little boys are sweet and charming and such a joy to raise {yes, I'm saying that even though he is so in a temperamental two year old phase at the moment}.  But, among the Hubster, the Pupster, and the Kiddo, I am the only female!  It will be nice to have another dose of girly-ness to balance out all the testosterone. 

So, with the new addition to our family comes a menagerie of changes.  I have spent countless hours thinking through how to shift our house around to make it the most functional for our family.  After much deliberation I have decided that there is no perfect answer for how to move everything around.

Just when I think I've let go of my perfectionist ways, my Type-A inner self surfaces and leaves me indecisive in moments when I truly need to make a decision.  Like yesternow.  I kicked around the possibility of having the kids share a room.  I'm not at all opposed to this solution, however, I don't think it's the best fit for our family until our sweet little "Poppy" is closer to a year old and her schedule is closer to that of her big brother.

Since we live in a three bedroom house, this means something has to give.  And in this case the something is our office/guest room.  It kills me to give up this space.  We so enjoy having friends and family stay overnight throughout the year and I am determined to continue that tradition.  But, I have accepted that what that tradition looks like is going to have to change.  Let's face it, I don't have Edie's guest room to entertain with, and Edie doesn't have a toddler and a newborn.

The best thing I can do for my family and for myself is to work with what I have to make our home the most functional, efficient, and beautiful place it can possibly be; preferably with things we already own.

Here is the solution I have decided on:

The breakfast nook will now house my grandmother's dining table, and become our official eating space.  It's always been our day-to-day eating it is no longer redundant with a full dining room sitting adjacent and unused.

The dining room will become our office.  I have been so hesitant to go this route.  I know many people have converted their dining rooms into offices successfully, but usually their dining room is set apart from the remaining living spaces.  Our dining room is very high is the room that connects our kitchen/breakfast nook to our two main hallways, which lead to the bedrooms and the living room.  Very high traffic.  So I'm skeptical at how practical this solution will be since 1) it will no longer be a place to retreat to in order to get things done and 2) I won't be able to shut a door to keep little hands from messing with buttons and computer cords.  Still, I have decided we're going to give it a shot.  If it's awful and completely non-functional for us, then I reserve the right to change it.  Nothing is set in stone here.

Our office/guest room will become the Kiddo's new big boy room.  He is so excited about this.  And I was worried he was going to feel booted from his cozy nursery.  Apparently, he isn't as attached to his nursery as I am.  ;)

And, last but by no means least, the nursery will be tweaked so that the space has a decidedly feminine edge.  I will keep the blue walls, and the tree and flowers we so painstakingly painted, but I will add in coral flowers and leaves to the murals and bring in lots of coral, white, gold, citrine, and turquoise to make the space feel girly.  Think Susan's room from the Parent Trap meets a nursery. 

We've already begun the process of shifting the rooms around...

...but in this quiet moment before the hectic day begins, I'm ignoring the messy confusion and enjoying this one clean spot amongst the mayhem...


Y'all don't worry - I have a fabulous plan for those chairs.  ;)

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