Monday, January 28, 2013

In Which Procrastination = An Organized Pantry

I'm still waiting on my fabric to be shipped.  It's been ten days.  The waiting is driving me crazy.  And while I have promises from customer service, a tracking confirmation that my order has been overnighted, and all signs show my fabric will be here tomorrow, today I needed to feel productive.

There it is folks.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  It's really not that bad.  It's really completely organized and functional.  Beans in bags work.  Pasta in bags work.  All my chicken, beef, and veggie stock is all nice and lined up.  My flour is all up top.  Some candy that I will not under any circumstance own up to is within easy reach.

But do you see those two canisters with labels?  Since my paint color picking hands are tied until my new fabric arrives on my doorstep tomorrow, I decided I needed labels.  On everything.  Immediately.

This is also known as "crazy, pregnant lady nesting".  It's the nit-picky part where suddenly very minute details must get ironed out perfectly.  I know it's overkill, and yet I just can't resist.

I picked these labels up at Hobby Lobby.  They were only $4 and are repositionable.  Which means I don't have to worry if they're a little crooked and I'm free to use them somewhere else in the house at a later date.

Since my chalk marker is extra large, I just used regular old chalk.  It worked beautifully.

When I ran out of canisters I moved on to mason jars.  I actually prefer clear glass containers because I can easily see when I'm running out of something.  It's like an automatic reminder to get more at the grocery store.

Twenty minutes later I had this...

...and this.

Why yes we do have 12 quarts of Michigan maple syrup in our pantry.  Doesn't everyone?

And a close up for all of you who love being all organized...

Don't y'all worry.  Those Valentine's Day candy hearts are still in there...strategically placed further out of reach.  Behind my 3 different types of sugar.  ;)

Good times.


  1. Do you know you can make your own powdered sugar by blending regular granulated sugar? I no longer store it since I now know I just do it when I need it.

    1. I had no idea Kali! I'm totally do you make it?