Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dining Room to an Office. Or is it a Studio?

The rearranging and repurposing continues!

Here is a look back at the room formerly known as my formal dining room.

I'm so glad I took those pictures.  It's so clean.  And peaceful.  And pretty.

Here's a glimpse at how it looks now.  A tragic train-wreck in progress.  It's sad, but true.

This curio cabinet will be painted and better organized and will house my yarn, fabric, and fun paper.  Child locks have already been installed to keep curious hands at bay.  The chandelier will be painted a fun green - either Pantone's Emerald Green or I'll have Lowe's color match Kate Spade Green.  I haven't quite decided.  Eventually, all the furniture in this room (except my grandmother's china cabinet) will be painted Elephant Tusk by Benjamin Moore in a high-gloss finish.  The big bookcase that is still in the Kiddo's room will also be painted and move in here.  So the overall thought is white, off-white, tone-on-tone, with gold accents, and splashes of color.

And the furniture is already being rearranged thanks to the Kiddo's adventure with our iMac and a stack of DVD's he found who knows where.  My sad computer is off for repairs, and it appears there is no way arround having all the furniture pushed against the wall if this room is going to function as an office with little ones running around.

Which brings me to my next thought.  Is it an office?  This room sits smack in the middle of my house.  It's very high traffic.  And (God-willing) one day it will be pretti-fied and organized and look pulled together, but it will house more than just a computer.  It will house all manner of crafting and sewing supplies and general creative goodness.

So...perhaps the word STUDIO better applies?

If I have my very own STUDIO, with close proximity to coffee and snacks, then maybe, just maybe I can truly be okay with losing my pretty but seldom used dining room.

Say it with me..."this room will be pretty, this room will be pretty, this room will be pretty".

I almost believe myself.

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