Saturday, January 12, 2013

For Your Weekend Reading Pleasure

This week was a bit overwhelming for me.  I spent my days trying to tackle as many projects as possible, and I'm really feeling it.  It's time to slow down, take a deep breath, let go of all that didn't get accomplished, and embrace what did.

So grab a cup of coffee {or decaf tea if you're trying to cut back like me}, turn on your favorite Pandora mix, put your feet up and spend some time in the moment.

Some of my favorites from this week:

Adapt, Quit or Evolve @ A Beautiful Mess

Bringing Back Sunday Dinner @ Simple Bites

What's Your 20 Mile March? @ The Art of Manliness

Making Billy Bookshelves Look Like Built-Ins @ Little Green Notebook
***Her fun-but-functional way of organizing her library inspired my own book-organizing-spree this week!***

Enjoy! :)

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