Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days Cooking at Home

There is something satisfying about cooking for those you love.  To pour yourself into a fabulous meal and have it turn out wonderful…it's a beautiful thing.  And becoming a lost art.

The reality is in our society today we like things fast.  Sometimes because we are impatient, sometimes because we have kids {or bosses} that need our attention pronto, almost always because in our fast paced world we have worn ourselves ragged and are just too tired to even think about what we would cook, much less cook it.

31 Days Cooking at Home.  The truth is I cook at home every day.  And I am glad for it.  My family eats really fresh food everyday because I've learned how to keep it simple.

You don't like to cook?  Have a pantry and fridge full of food but find yourself standing around without any clue as to what to make? Don't know how to cook at all?

No worries.  We all start somewhere.

The kitchen and I weren't always friends.  In fact, we were barely acquaintances when my husband and I married almost 7 years ago.

Once when I was a junior in high school and my brother was a freshman we caught the kitchen on fire.  He was making french fries from scratch like our Granny taught us.  Only he didn't know how so I was directing him.  I was boiling water.  Only I didn't know how.  {I'm not even kidding.} So he was directing me.  Two distracted cooks a grease fire makes.  I can't believe we didn't get grounded.

Needless to say my kitchen knowledge did not deepen before I graduated high school.  I knew marginally more when I graduated college, where my meals mostly consisted Dr. Peppers and Little Debbie Zebras.

I tell you all this so that you understand I am not a natural-born cook.  I didn't learn how to cook overnight and I have failed plenty of times and still do from time to time.

So what changed?  How do I now successfully boil water without the fire department on speed dial?

I just jumped in and started. 

I've learned that in life sometimes the only way to make something happen is to try wholeheartedly to make it happen, with the understanding that it might not work, but even if it doesn't it's okay.  It's the trying and striving that matters.

You'll learn more from your trial and errors in the kitchen than you will from your favorite cookbook.  Or even your favorite cooking show.

So.  31 Days Cooking at Home.  Does it seem like a doozy to you?  Are you thinking "That's a loooooot of cooking at home".  My goal isn't to have you cook for 31 days straight with me {though you can if you want}.  My goal is to inspire.  To share some of my tips and tricks, and to help you see that cooking at home can be simple, fast, convenient, and {dare I say it} fun.

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See you tomorrow!

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