Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter's Adieu & Spring Fever

Sorry for the radio silence last week.  There are few things in life I take more pleasure in than the changing of the seasons.


Spring came to Texas on Valentine's Day and I've been soaking up the sunshine every chance I get.


We've all been stir-crazy lately, and the warmer temperatures and sunny afternoons have been just what we needed.


We've all been thankful for longer days and the chance to unwind in the fresh air.


Bare feet have been our footwear of choice as the temperatures have reached the high 80's.


And even though the grass is still dead for the most part, there are signs of the beauty to come.


Ironically, it's cold and rainy again today, so I'm not packing up our warm clothes just yet.  Instead I'm choosing to enjoy the chance to cozy up next to our (very underused) fireplace with my family.  I'm pretty sure this is Winter's adieu, so I will be present today and say my farewell.

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