Friday, February 7, 2014

The Friday 5

1. We had a snow day in South Texas yesterday!


My son really has no idea how rare snow is here.  In his short 3 year old life he has seen some form of snow every single year.  We had powder on the ground when he was 2 months old, again when he was 1, we visited the "real" snow in Colorado when he was 2, and now this strange Dippin' Dot snow.


He also has no idea what Dippin' Dots are...and since I was calling this "Dippin' Dot Snow" I'm pretty sure he thinks this is what they are!


Nothing like filling your bucket full of snow pellets.  Sister was not sure what all the fuss was about and resented the 84 layers of clothes I had her in.

2. This post by Carmella makes me simultaneously feel good about the mounds of laundry I am prone to pile up on laundry day (which, let's be honest, is every day), and makes me feel the need to purge my closet.

3. I love reading what other people love to read.  And I love reading about Teddy Roosevelt.  So Theodore Roosevelt's Reading List is a win-win for me.  And yes, I am a closet devotee of the Art of a moth drawn to a flame.

4. "Work enough.  And that's all."  Love Tsh's thoughts on this.  Also, can't wait to read her book which is out now!!

5. Sherlock.  Because I have loved Sherlock since the show began.  And if you haven't seen it you are missing out.  If you aren't an Olympics fan, you could always have an Olympic Marathon Viewing of Sherlock.  Just sayin'.


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