Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Gift Guide for Guys



1. Art of Shaving Badger Brush | 2. Captain Fawcett's Shaving Soap | 3. Fisher Space Pen | 4. Flint & Tinder Jeans | 5. Build-On Brick Mug | 6. Timex Weekender Watch | 7. KA-BAR

I'm pretty bad with gift giving.  Don't get me wrong...I'm great at thinking of gifts to give my husband when it's not anywhere close to Christmas, Valentine's Day, our anniversary, or his birthday.  But for some reason, I always draw a huge blank when faced with a "gift giving occasion".  In an effort to try to plan ahead a bit better, I've created a gift board on Pinterest.  Now when I think of something I know he'd love, I just pin it and forget it until I need it.  No worries...he'll never snoop around there.  ;)  Here are some of my favorites I've come across recently.

Note: None of these links contain affiliates!  I just like them and thought it'd be nice to share.  :)

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