Friday, February 14, 2014

The Friday 5

Happy Valentine's Day friends!  Here are some of my favorite's from this week...enjoy!


1. For my fellow Anne lovers, this post on how to marry a Gilbert Blythe from Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas.


2. I read Addie Zierman's When We Were on Fire in a day an a half, it was so good!  I can identify with many of her early childhood, high school, and college experiences.  For me, reading her story was incredibly cathartic.

filon 2012

3. Filon 2012 - our current favorite wine.  Rated 90 and easy on the pocketbook (although it's much cheaper at Wine Deals than it is at HEB).  Definitely on the menu for this evening.


4. Dreaming of this Lemon Pudding with Raspberry Sauce from Allison at Simple Bites.

5. Darling Magazine's 5 Must Read Valentine's Classics.

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