Thursday, June 16, 2011

6 Months

This is so long overdue...there is much to tell!  Our little babester is growing so fast.  At his six month well-baby visit he weighed in at an even 20 lbs. and was 28 1/4" tall {90% for both}.

It blows my mind that a half of a year has passed since I first laid my eyes on my precious angel child.

But it was just yesterday wasn't it?

He's quite the mover now!  He has been low crawling and back crawling for a few months now, but the pivoting started in the last 6 weeks or so.  He used to do them all independently of one another, but in the last couple of weeks he has learned to combine all his maneuvers to go places! 

Baxter is still his best friend...and mine too considering he is the ultimate distraction when a case of the fussies attacks. 

He isn't a fan of pureed anything.  He will tolerate slightly mashed bananas.  We have always suspected he is 6 months going on 16 {or even 60}.  All he really wants is a cup of coffee and a sandwich {preferably ours}.

He is super healthy, extremely strong, and full of smiles...and smiles with his two {lower} front teeth!  We are blessed.  Even though I know he is doing very well, and his doctor was super happy with how he is developing, he still hasn't rolled from his back to his tummy.  He torques his body around contortionist-style and comes so close to rolling onto his tummy.  But then he stops and hangs out like that or rolls back to his back.  Our pediatrician mentioned that he has very broad shoulders, that they are likely getting in the way of him rolling over, and that he will do it in his own time. 

Even though I know all these things are true, it still bothered me to read in my weekly Baby Center email how my child should already be doing this.  Mama guilt over something I absolutely cannot control.  No matter how much I work with him, how many toys I dangle to get him to roll, I know that he is absolutely not going to do this until he is ready.  And that is as it should be.

He is Mama's little helper, and even though it is so much easier to shop without him I really do miss his smiling face when I go shopping alone!

A half a year later and I cannot imagine my life and our family without this little guy.  :)

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  1. We had the same problem but with tummy time and when Anastasiya crawled she did one leg up as if she is walking and the other the correct way. I was worried something was wrong and I was consulting the Dr.

    One thing I would encourage is some never do the things they are supposed to do. It is just them. Mine crawled for 3/4 weeks and then straight to walking.

    Chin up and just as long as his other milestones are on target don't worry to much.