Thursday, June 2, 2011

Made For Each Other

I have a secret.

It's a little strange.  At least I think it is.  What did Shakespeare say about strange bedfellows?

"Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows..."  And it's true.

My morning cuppa has a new friend.

It all started when my HEB decided to clearance out Sun Crystals.  Let me just say that I seriously heart me some Sun Crystals.  I happily used Sun Crystals all through my pregnancy because it wasn't artificial {half sugar, half stevia} and it sweetened all my beverages perfectly.  When my canister of Sun Crystals went dry for the last time, I just about cried.

The hubster sweetly bought me every Sun Crystals substitute he could find on the baking aisle.  Imperial's version of the sugar/stevia blend is lacking.  Truvia isn't the same because it's all stevia with no sugar.  Ditto Purvia.

Then I remembered seeing Kyra Sedgwick add honey to her coffee on The Closer.  And I thought, "Do people actually add honey to coffee?  Or is this just a character quirk Kyra came up with for Brenda Leigh?"

So I consulted Mother Google.  It turns out quite a few people use honey instead of sugar in their coffee.  It's sweeter than sugar, so you need less of it...and it's fructose, not sucrose, so supposedly it's healthier for you.  {Though I am not a doctor/nutritionist/etc. so please don't take my word for it.}

Since my beloved Sun Crystals were no more, I had nothing to lose.

I'm not a big honey fan, so when I browsed the honey aisle I picked Harkey's because:

1. It was cheap.
2. It comes from San Saba, TX {where one of my Baylor friends is from so it had to be good}
3. Cute pink tie on the cute bear jar matches my box of half and half.
4. It's wildflower honey...which goes well with my vintage wildflower mugs.

Match made in heaven!  

{Although...don't tell the bear, but if Sun Crystals ever makes a return appearance at HEB, I might be tempted to cheat.} 

How do you like your coffee?  Any interesting combinations?


  1. A whole lot of Coffeemate Fat Free French Vanilla creamer with a dash of Folgers :)

  2. Hahaha! Yes...especially if your grabbing that coffee from work, eh? ;)

  3. I think my uncle uses honey. I've never tried it. I use agave nectar. Same thing...healthier, takes less to sweeten my coffee, and it's getting easier to find. I also love it over plain Greek yogurt {preferably Chobani} with some granola and fresh or dried fruit...great breakfast or snack!

  4. Agave nectar is wonderful! I love that it's soluable in cold makes a good substitute for sugar in iced tea. I haven't tried it in my coffee though, and I haven't bought it in awhile because the hubster is prone to taking shots of it from the jar, and it's usually gone in like 2 days. Maybe I just need to keep it in a secret stash somewhere. :)