Monday, June 13, 2011

My Top 10 Mommy/Baby Products

If I were to go back to November 2010 and give myself a pep-talk the first thing I would say is:

"Less is more."

{pants optional}

In my pre-baby days I was overloaded with baby everything and had a list of "needs" that would make Santa's naughty and nice list look like a post-it note.  Now I know better.  That is why my "Top 10" list is really only my "Top 5".

1. California Baby Diaper Wash - From the lovely black poos we encountered at the hospital to our newest version of sweet potato, squash, and pear poo, I do not change a poopy diaper without this.  I can change a poopy diaper without it, but everything is sooo much nicer if I don't.  This is a must have...looks pricey, but 6 months later we are still on bottle #1.  Saves me from scrubbing too hard with wipes and it smells CLEAN.  Nuf said.

2. Haba Pacifier Holder - We purchased this shortly after our little one was born and gone are the days of chasing pacifiers from rolling across the floor.  Although, now his favorite thing to do is take it off and sling it around like a lasso.  I'm thinking this was a must have for the first 6 months and now it's time to wean the paci.

3. An extra onesie - If it can happen, it will happen.  Beware of leaving the house without an extra change of clothes.  That blowout will happen at the Chick-Fil-A that is a half a mile from your house...and it will be the end-all-be-all of blowouts.  And it will happen the minute you run into friends you haven't seen in months who are dying to meet your little one but can't because he is covered in poo.  {Speaking from experience?  Who me??  Nah.}  Repeat after me: "I will not leave the house unprepared."

4. Deo for your BO/Mascara - *Ahem* In case no one ever told you, sometimes mommies don't get to take regular showers.  Don't let yourself run out of either...deo for the smell factor and mascara to help keep you pretified.  Looking reasonably pretty and smelling reasonably pretty will go a loooooong way to helping you keep your sanity {within reason, of course}.

5. Coffee - You can function admirably on 2 hours of sleep or less.  I promise.  And unfortunately, even when your little one is sleeping through the night, there will be random "pop quizes" where they wake every 2 hours just to make sure you're staying on top of your game.  Keep your coffee stockpile high and wide and you will do just fine.

Of course, diapers are a must have too.  And wipes.  And a place to sleep.  But less is more, and baby calls, so my list ends here. :)

Hope you're enjoying a gorgeous summer evening!

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  1. Yes less is more. I found this great bouncer from Maclaren and it is awesome. Its a rocking chair a bouncer and a on the go bed that reclines and fold up perfectly. It is on the pricey side but I bought it used so it was a save and a baby item I will keep forever.

    The second thing I would try to wean that paci asap. We still have the paci but only when she sleeps. I want to get rid of it but now I'm stuck with it for a little while longer.