Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Months and Summer Fun

The month of June was filled with exciting milestones for our little family.

Our first ever family vacation…

We rented a beach cottage in Rockport, TX and enjoyed taking life at a slower pace.

The Kiddo and Baxter both had their first trip to the beach.

We saw the oldest tree in the USA.

And Baby and the Hubster collaborated against me in a game of checkers.

Two weeks before our vacation our little one cut his first two teeth. {He's shy about his teeth though, so no pics.}

The week before our vacation our little one rolled from his back to his tummy, got up on his hands and knees, rolled across the room, and dumped out his toy basket for the first time all in one day.

Three days ago he started doing push-ups. {The Hubster LOVES this.}

Two days ago he crawled for the first time.

And yesterday he crawled way across the living room floor into the uncharted territory beyond the sofa.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Trouble is hereby on the loose!


  1. dun dun dunnnnn.... it's time to put away the breakables! he's on the move!

  2. For sure! So far I've been able to stay one step ahead of him, but I just know it's only a matter of time before he discovers something that's escaped my attention. :)