Saturday, March 5, 2011

Three Months and an Exciting Discovery {for me, that is}

I cannot believe my little one is already three months old.

I have absolutely no clue where time is flying off to.

I know he wasn't the littlest of newborns…

…but he has gotten so big so fast.

If only he would just stay little.

So I can cradle him up and snuggle with him forever.

AND…the exciting news I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting for….

…drumroll please….

3 months and 4 days after the birth of my son….

…{no we're not preggers again}…

...I have FINALLY found that box of non-maternity clothes I misplaced!

You know, the one with all my really cute and comfy long sleeved shirts that I boxed up last year to get out of my closet so I could fill it with clothes that expand.  I have been searching all over the place for these clothes since the day we got home from the hospital.

I was convinced that they had all fallen behind my shelves in my closet {mostly because I DID have some clothes stacked up there that my hubbster confessed to accidentally shoving down the "hole".  But he did plastic surgery on my shelves and swore that he got them all out.  And I still couldn't find my pink long sleeve tee that is so comfy and cozy.

Tada!  They were under the bed the whole time.  Under my hubster's side of the bed.  And every time I looked, I kept checking under my side of the bed.  I'm blaming this on sleep deprivation and new mommy brain {very similar to preggo brain…however it will conveniently last as long as I need an excuse for forgetting anything and everything}.

HELLO comfy clothes.  It is now March.  In South Texas.  I do not think we will be seeing much of each other for another…oh, say, nine months or so.

Let's hope I don't "loose" my mountain of maternity clothes…now it's their turn to go underground.  Ha!  :)

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