Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I know my New Year's resolution was to reorganize my kitchen.  And then from there I was going to do my laundry room.  And I still have every intention of doing that….

…but then I saw Emily A. Clark's posting about her trip to Garden Ridge.  And that was all she wrote.  Completely sidetracked.  All I could think about was this mirror.  Would our Garden Ridge have it?  Would it be a huge undertaking to spray it white like she suggested?  Or would I want to leave it two-toned?  That is if I could be so lucky as to find the mirror.  What's a girl to do?

Go to Garden Ridge of course!  With my sweet little baby strapped to me in his Baby Bjorn and my dear sweet mother in tow!  I was in hot pursuit of that lovely flower mirror Ms. Emily found.  Garden Ridge is not for the faint of heart.  Huge doesn't begin to describe this store.  Massive is an understatement.  It's like the Ikea of hobby stores.  Three buildings…and they are always rearranging so you never quite know where to start.

Not to mention almost every aisle has something you can easily convince yourself you "need".  Soooo not for the faint of heart.

I found this lovely piece of "art" and thought of Casa Moriarty...

45 minutes in we had perused children's books, vases, faux flowers, candles, and more before we finally put our blinders on and started walking with a purpose.  And…

...we found it!  The very same mirror that the fabulous Ms. Clark found.  Your eyes do not deceive…it was only $40 bucks!  And solid too…it took both me and my sweet mama each carrying one side to lug that bad boy out of there {toddler-sized baby still strapped to me...we were quite a sight I assure you}.

Of course, patience is a virtue.  That is why I waited a full three days after reading Emily's post to go hunt down this mirror.  Not having any spray paint in the house {or patience left in me}, I decided to go at this monster mirror with leftover white semi-gloss trim paint and a brush.

I started by taping off the mirror first. 

And was super careful not to get paint on the hubbster's workout mats.  However, this did not keep me from getting paint on my favorite gray tweed flats or my favorite gray yoga pants{later that night, not at the same time...I haven't gotten that schlumpy as a mom yet}.

 One coat in I realized I was going to have to be incredibly diligent to get every nook and cranny and not have any drips showing.  This is why I should have been patient and waited until I had a chance to get some spray paint.  Lesson learned.

Three coats later and with some help from my handy-dandy hubby I had this.  The perfect adornment hanging above our bed {and let's hope Texas never has an earthquake...'cause if this sucker falls and hits us in the head we won't live to tell the tale}.

My pretty mirror in the morning sunlight.

So now that that project is complete, now I can refocus on those kitchen cabinets that have been calling my name...

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