Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick Paint Update

So with encouragement from Kelley and Bethany I decided to dive in with painting the dining room.  We've been testing quite a few colors...

Here is how the samples look in the light of day with sunlight streaming in...

From top to bottom are Valspar's Woodrow Wilson Putty, Olympic's Silver Dollar, Valspar's Bird Song Blue and Valspar's Lyndhurst Duchess Blue {my original choice}.

Here is how the samples look at sunlight to lighten them up.

I was really leaning toward that bold Lyndhurst Duchess Blue until the hubster pointed this out...

Yep.  That is my son's Bumbo.  And that Lyndhurst Duchess Blue is eerily similar in color.  I think that's a no-go.  Now that I see this I'm also reminded of the Smurfs.  I love the Smurfs.  I have many fond memories of the Smurfs as a child.  If I were a Smurf, I would totally be Smurfette.  My dining room, however, is not destined to be a Smurf.

So now I'm leaning toward Silver Dollar.  But the hubster says that with all the gray I've introduced to our home, it's starting to look like a mental institution.  ?!?!?!  Wow....guess that nixes the Silver Dollar!

So...back to Lowe's we go....maybe Sandstorm has a lighter sister color that won't absorb so much light at night....

Again...we shall see!


  1. oh I see what you mean! Its a little bright! What about something deeper/more muted but in the same blue/gray family? Something like your blog header background!

  2. i actually think the bird song blue is my fave, but i think you know my weakness for muted blue tones :-)