Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Bump Grows {and grows}

Slightly embarrassing.  I really wish 29 weeks looked a little less raggedy.  But someday I will look back and smile and be glad I took these pictures.  I know, because I look back at my pregnancy pictures with the Kiddo and think....I wasn't as big as I thought I was!  Aaaaand I do tend to look at these and think....geez I'm HUGE...much bigger than last time!  Someday, when there are no more babies to be had, I will think "how did I ever do that?".  So this is important business...the documenting of my sweet daughter, who is growing by leaps and bounds {and bowls of ice cream and Girl Scout cookies} every single day.  No matter how rough this time around has been, I am blessed.  And I feel blessed.  And I'm blessed to share it with you, my friends.

Just 7 1/2 weeks to bows and baby cuddles and little painted toes!  :)

p.s. The irony that the picture I look best in is the one where I have full blown shingles does not escape me at all.  I guess I still have the tendency to try to dress better than I feel when at all possible.  I totally turned around and put yoga pants and slippers on after this, though.  ;)  And y'all will be happy to know the shingles are on their way out!  I will be so glad to not feel so itchy and achy!  :)