Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In The Garden {February Edition}

It's February in Texas.  Which basically means it's Spring.  There's always the chance that we'll get a late cold front and a late freeze...but it's really not looking like that will happen this year.

Hubster and I have been itching to get in the garden and plant our seeds for our Spring veggies, so yesterday we got out in the drizzle and did just that.

Y'all feel free to laugh at my preggo gardening get-up.  Wellies and skinnies and Hubster's fleece = no chance of me getting wet if it started to pour.  (It didn't start to pour...just wishful thinking I guess.)  Everything else in the garden is budding and blooming so I guess it's only fitting that my belly is budding and blooming, too.  ;)

We planted eggplant, lettuce, two kinds of tomatoes, and dill.  We still have parsley and cilantro left to plant, but we ran out of space.  So anything else we plant will be in a container garden.  All our seeds are USDA Organic from Seeds of Change which we found at Lowe's.  We don't always have luck finding organic seeds, so we're super excited about this find.

Never ceases to amaze me how tiny seeds can give us such good things to eat!

The Daffodils came back!  I was sure the squirrels got them last year, but we are so blessed to have them return.

There is nothing like their cheerful pops of yellow to brighten grey February days.

Our Pink Star Jasmine has made friends with one of our Crape Myrtles.

And she is promising to bloom and smell heavenly very soon!

It seems like I've been seeing a lot of early blooming Texas Mountain Laurel lately, so I had to go take a peek at ours...looks like they will be blooming early too!  

The buds go all the way up to the tippy-top.

I was so sure these Hydrangeas were gonners...but they seem to be returning as well.  South Texas and Hydrangeas are not bosom buddies...but I'm nothing if not persistent in my efforts to have these in my garden.

The Phlox is starting to bloom as well...another surprise since these really didn't seem to take last year.

And these Begonias are still fat and happy.

It always makes me so sad to see our gardens die back every year.  But there is nothing like the hope and anticipation that follows every Spring as we watch the colors bloom seemingly out of nowhere.  Instead of mourning the fact that we've not really had a real winter (yes, I still hope and pray for snow in South Texas every year), I'm choosing to be excited and grateful for our early Spring and all it's beauty.  And instead of thinking about how quickly it's going to be insufferably hot, I'm enjoying the extended mild temperatures while they are here.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll be lucky and won't reach the 100s until June.  ;)

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