Monday, July 18, 2011

A Day in The Life

The number one question I've received since deciding to be a stay-home mom is "What do you do all day?"

I understand the curiosity.  Before the Kiddo was born I really had no clue what I would do all day if I decided to stay home.  And now I know.

I take care of my child.

I am the primary child-care provider.  I am day care.  I am also night care.  And everything in between care.

In the first few weeks after The Hubster returned to work I had some difficulty sorting out what I should be doing...what my priorities were.  I think I thought my job description was something along the lines of "All-Encompassing Domestic Goddess".  I drove myself crazy trying to keep an immaculate house, cook fantabulous meals, shower/dress/do my make-up {I wasn't going to be a frumpy housewife mama}, and oh yeah, care for and nurse a child round the clock.  It might not sound like a lot on paper, but when you're nursing every 2-3 hours {and then it was more like 2} you have one hour on and one hour off.  And I never took naps.  And I burned out quick.  And thought I was a failure.

With this falling flat on my face came the realization that first and foremost I was home to take care of my little guy.  Not to be the maid.  Not to be our personal chef.  And not to look picture perfect every day.

It took time, but our routine eventually developed.  It's not written in stone, things get moved around a little depending on what's on the calendar for the day. But there is a healthy dose of grace infused in our days and I really feel more productive {and waaaay less stressed} than I did when I first embarked on this adventure.  I share it with you because I'm always curious about how moms structure their days and I love getting ideas for little things I can add to my own routine.

6am-ish:: Our little one summons me.  He gets milk, a clean diaper, sleepy smiles and kisses from mom, and goes back to bed.  Mom and Dad try to get more sleep {fingers crossed}.

8-ish:: We're up for real this time.  Dad makes coffee {bless you Hubster} and I feed the Kiddo breakfast number 2 {usually apples or pears or oatmeal}.  He gets to play {aka: crawl around and get into EVERYTHING while I tell him no and redirect him to his toys} while Hubster and I share coffee and {try to} read our Bibles.  Some days we do this in the backyard if it's a cooler morning.  I love those days.

10-ish:: Babester has been up for 2 hours and is super cranky.  Naptime!!  I go for a 30 minute run and get super sweaty in this lovely Texas heat {good incentive to make sure I get to take a shower}.  When I'm done, Hubster gets to workout.

11-ish:: Babester is up and at 'em.  We have lunch as a family.  Babester gets to play some more.  I put Pandora on the Toddler mix and sing along with the silly songs.  He loves this and laughs {most likely he's laughing at me...silly mom}.  I try to grab 5 minutes to myself to go put some make-up on.  It makes me feel more put together.  I don't worry about my hair air dries most days.

1-sih:: Hubster leaves for work.  Babester and I go to wave good-bye each and every day {though he has yet to wave...but he loves watching Dad get ready and go to work}.  We read a book and cuddle {though he's getting more squirmy}.

1:30-ish:: Babester is replaced by super-fussy-monster.  Naptime!!  I clean the kitchen from lunch, get laundry going {there is always laundry}, and pick one room {ONE} that most needs my attention.  I do what I can and don't worry about perfection because...

2:15-ish:: Babester is up again.  This time we play the piano together, or blow bubbles, or scribble with {and chew on} crayons.  Some days I make baby Babester plays on the kitchen floor.  If I'm shopping, he's my shopping buddy.  Some days we play outside...grass is soft and he loves crawling off the quilt I spread out and exploring.  Every day is different, but I try to have some activity going.  On days when I'm exhausted from a bad night the night before this is usually the time when I plop on the sofa and pray that he'll be amused with his noisy light up guitar {alas, it's never that easy}.  My second cup of coffee might comes right about now.  If I'm really drained I grab an espresso {thank you again Emily and David!!!}.

4:30-ish:: It's a toss up.  No matter how cranky and fussy Babester is, he may or may not take a third nap.  I roll with it.  We read a book quietly in an effort to have some downtime.  If he's in a reasonable mood I get to cook myself dinner.  If not, well I can always eat later!

5-ish:: Dinner for Babester.  It's usually a pretty fussy ordeal.  This is what my mom has coined "the fussy hour" and it lasts until bedtime {and sometimes even later}.  Sometimes Baxter sitting next to Babester makes him smile and breaks the fussy spell.  Sometimes not.  I endure.  I am no longer easily ruffled by whining fussy cries.  Only real cries.  And these are cranky cries.  They will not last forever.  And tomorrow morning I will have my sweet child again.

6:30-7-ish:: Bathtime!  Most of the time Babester rallies for his bathtime.  He LOVES to splash and play with his toys.  If he's too far gone, this is where he'll have a real meltdown.  If he's looking more awake we read a book after bathtime.

7-7:30-ish:: BEDTIME!  It usually takes at least 2 tries at putting him down for him to fall asleep.  So after I put him down the first time I do more laundry, clean the kitchen...something that can be done in 5-10 minutes.  Then I go "reset" him.  He's usually crawling around his crib, looking around his room, and calling "Mamamamama".  I tuck him in again, and most of the time that's all it takes for him to go to dreamland.

7:30-8pm-ish:: I eat.  I finish my chores.  I put my feet up.  I watch cheesy TV and I knit or crochet or read.  I make a cup of tea.  Our Pupster comes and cuddles up with me, happy our little one is sleeping and he can have time with his mama.  And we wait up for the Hubster to come home from work.  Some nights Baby wakes up every couple of hours fussing.  Some nights he sleeps with no problems.  I enjoy my peaceful moments and feel blessed that I get to be his Mama.

{Lather, Rinse, Repeat.}

Okay, so it's not glamorous.  But it's what I do. This is our routine.  It works for us.  And I know that if we should be blessed with more children, this routine will only get busier and busier.  So I enjoy it for what it is now. :)

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  1. When I was doing research for this age I found something quite interesting. They say that when the infant is learning something new they have a hard time sleeping or it is less. Just experiment. He is trying to crawl so just a feeling he will have a couple more months of being fussy and then mark my words when he masters it he will sleep as if he had not slept in 6 months.

    Just a little of what I went through.