Monday, May 30, 2011

Ready or Not...

...solids here we come!

I found and fell in love with this cookbook last summer.

I read it cover to cover and could not wait to cook for my little one.  Under our pediatrician's guidance, we decided to wait until the Kiddo was six months old to introduce solid foods.  This was not a difficult decision to make on our part...we firmly believe this was the right decision for our little one.  But the decision to introduce solids is very personal and varies from baby to baby...the absolute last thing I was anyone reading this to think is that I don't approve of giving younger babies solids.  This is just what was right for us.  To each his own.  There are enough things we as mamas guilt ourselves over...this doesn't need to be another one. that Kiddo will be six months old this week {OMG....where did the time go??} the Hubster and I thought it would be about time to buy a high chair and some feeding essentials.

Are these not the cutest spoons ever?

Ok, I know what you're thinking..."they're just spoons"...but let's be honest...anything baby is cute {well almost...} and I'm super excited about feeding our guy new foods.  So just humor me.

And to go with the green spoons are green silicone trays for freezing those homemade purees!

I had so much fun at Babies R Us picking these out...but I have to say I felt completely overwhelmed.  That store has way too much.  It's the only store I know who can take meal time and turn it into a gadgety event.  {Tommy Tippee, I'm talking to you with your fancy suction cup trays and bowls.}  So I attempted to keep it simple with these spoons and trays and that's it. 

Except for the high chair, of course! 

Doesn't he look so serious?  It's like he knows this is a big deal and he's put on his big boy serious face for the big event.  :)

So, ready or not, solids here we come! 

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