Monday, May 16, 2011

For Emily:: My Meatless Monday

My soon to be sister-in-law has fabulous, make you drool staring at the screen, Meatless Monday ideas every week.  Today for lunch I decided to try to clean out my fridge a bit and get creative...and low and behold it was meatless!  So, for you Emily, here is my meatless-creation-which-happened-to-occur-on-a-Monday.  ;)

1. First, I dug around in my fridge and came up with the following ingredients:

 {organic spinach, leftover homemade french onion soup, organic carrots, homemade white bread, mushrooms, Duke's mayo, and home-grown organic squash, and sliced provolone...which didn't make the photo shoot}

2. I peeled the outer layer off of a couple of carrots...and then kept peeling to get carrot curls.  Tossed those into a skillet with some extra-virgin olive oil on medium heat.

3. Sliced 3 slices off the ginormous squash and added those to the skillet.

4. Sliced one big ol' mushroom...and tossed him into the pan as well.

5. Added one ladle-full of french onion soup to the pan and let simmer down {you know you want to say it..."simma'-down-now"}.

6. Sliced off 2 pieces of bread and toasted in the toaster while my pan was simmerin' away {simmer is really just a fun word...don't ya think?}.

7. Once the soup was reduced by half, I tossed in a good handful of spinach {probably about a cup for you measuring folks}.

8. Cut my toast in halves, added mayo and started to stack...veggies on the bread...provolone on the veggies...more bread...more veggies...more cheese...more bread...and you're done!


Now for you sticklers, this is meatless but it's not vegetarian because my french onion soup was made with beef broth.  What can I say?  I'm carnivorous.  You can add sliced onions with a splash of veggie broth {about 1/3 cup I'd say} as an alternative to the french onion soup if you like.

And a word of caution...this sandwich needs a fork.  It is fabulous and worth every bit of the 8 minutes it took to make.

Happy Monday!

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  1. oh, man, i'm drooling! that looks absolutely delish,and so colorful!