Saturday, May 7, 2011

5 Months

Isn't he a cutie?  We had unseasonably cool weather this week which gave me the opportunity to bundle him up one last time for awhile.  That beanie barely fit on his head.  I kept pulling it down over his ears and it kept riding back up.

Here's how it used to fit::

He still tries to scrunch up in my arms.  At night before bed he pulls his legs up into his chest and nestles his head on my shoulder and tries very, very hard to be small.  

But during all his waking hours he is very much a growing boy.  

He has an ever-expanding vocabulary of sounds {his newest one is dadadadadadadadada, which he has yet to use properly....crayons are dada...his bear is dada...and on and on}.  The hubster and I sneak into his room on all fours when he is conversing with his stuffed animals and sit quietly next to his crib to eavesdrop.  He likes to stand holding onto the coffee table.  Baxter is his favorite family member...and he reaches out to pet him all day long.  He loves splashing in the bathtub and the washcloth is his favorite bath time toy {the rubber-duckies come in for a close 2nd}.  Next month he will be starting solid foods, and his first tooth is slowly but surely beginning to make an appearance {with all the fun teething symptoms along for the ride as well}.  

My sweet, tiny bundle of baby joy is growing into a sweet, joyful little boy.

He has his mama's eyes and his daddy's jaw and the most infectious smile and cheerful disposition that belong entirely to him.

It is such a joy to get to be his mama.

And I've realized the irony of Mother's Day.  It really isn't at all about cards and gifts and flowers...even though those are nice.  The only thing in the world I would ever want for Mother's Day is my child.  He doesn't have to do anything special...the hubster doesn't have to do anything special...just living out our life as a family is the best gift I could ever receive.  

I wonder if that's how God feels about us?  All the gifts we could ever bring to Him...our best efforts in life...are nice.  And it isn't that He doesn't enjoy our efforts.  But really, He just wants us.  Bad habits, quirks and all.

Not a perfect analogy, but you get the picture {I hope!}.

Happy Mother's Day, friends.  I hope your day is truly special.  :)


  1. I love this post Judith!! It made me tear up... I can relate so much! It's amazing how you can love something so much that up until not long ago you had never even met. And now could not imagine life without them. And I have to tell you that I hope you have lots more babies cause you make stinkin cute ones!!:) Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. Thank you Jessie! That's exactly how I feel. And I really hope I get to have lots more. Or at least a couple more. I'm so smitten with my little guy it makes me want a whole brood! Happy Mother's Day to you too my friend! :)