Friday, February 18, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

Change.  It's inevitable.

Sometimes it happens suddenly.  In an instant, your life as you know it ceases to exist and is replaced by a new version.  Sometimes it's a good change; sometimes it's a bad change.  But it's change just the same.

Other times, change creeps up on you.  You feel your life start to pull in another direction - pulling you in a way you couldn't imagine when you started out.  At first it's just an inkling…a random thought of "what if".  But over time it grows and grows until it's something you can't ignore.

I have decided to leave my job as a marketing guru for a financial services company to pursue a new career as a full-time mommy.  Sounds pretty classy when you say it like that, eh? 

This choice definitely ranks among the most difficult I've had to make in my lifetime.  A good steady job with good steady benefits in a time when our nation is facing economic challenges…a little hard to let go of.  Not to mention I have been blessed to work with such wonderful people who have become an extended family to me.  Definitely hard to let go of.

I know the relationships I've built will continue - I just won't get to see my dear friends every day {or drink Yolanda's coffee every day}.  But moving on has never been easy for me, and coming to this decision, then actually going through with it, was not an easy feat.

But some wonderful, wonderful changes have come to take its place.

Morning coffee and cuddles with my family are something I didn't get to have before.  My mornings were rushed…especially during my pregnancy I was perpetually running late and rushing to catch up.  My husband and I had opposite work schedules and had very little time together.  It's been such a blessing to get to see him and spend time with him every day, not just in passing.  He is still my best friend.

My life has taken a slower pace.  You can't rush babies…and you absolutely should not rush whatever moments you get to have with your little ones.  I realize that I am truly blessed to be able to stay home with my son.  Not everyone has this opportunity and I will not take a moment of this life for granted. 

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  1. That is so great!! Staying home with kids is one of the toughest but most rewarding jobs there is. I have grown and learned so much over the past almost 3 years I've been staying home. I wouldn't trade ANY of it! Even the crazy hard days.