Monday, January 31, 2011

Babies Change Things...

Well D.U.H.  But I don't mean babies change things in the obvious ways…because of course they do.  You have another person to take into consideration before you do anything and everything.  You are responsible for shaping this tiny baby into the adult they will one day be.  You have diapers to change, a mouth to feed, cries to answer, and you get to do these things with little or no sleep.  Obvious, no?  I was ready (or as ready as anyone can be) for these changes.

What surprises me is the absolute shift in thinking that takes place when you are a mom.  I thought I was a fairly efficient person pre-baby.  Efficiency now has a new level.  When I have time for myself, everything gets run through the "what's really necessary?" test. 

Showering?  Shave my armpits?  Yes.  Legs?  Optional (sorry hubby).  We'll save those for last in case the baby starts crying.

Make-up?  If I get to have this luxury I start with concealer, then foundation, then mascara.  Still no baby crying?  Sweet!  I try for eyeshadow, then eyeliner, then blush in that order.  Forget lipstick or lip gloss (or even chapstick for that matter).  That's only for when I'm actually getting out of the house.

Still no baby crying?  Seriously awesome…I get to dry my hair.  This is about where my luck runs out.  Then my list of things to-do gets reorganized by what I can do with one hand.

I have to tell you, this shift in thinking was incredibly exhausting at first.  For about the first 4 weeks, I felt like I was literally running in circles, starting one task after the other but never finishing anything.  It's pretty humorous to think about now…me running around the house with mascara on one eye only…forgetting…and leaving the house that way!  It's funny, but for a Type A person like me, I like my ducks in a row and I like to know what's coming next.  And the days when I couldn't think straight reduced me to tears on many an occasion (with my sweet hubby dumbfounded about what I could possibly be crying about now).

Thankfully, I finally realized that I am a new mom.  I have a newborn baby.  Nobody expects perfection and if I come up short of that (and I will) it is absolutely 100% okay.  I mean…I don't want to end up in the stereotypical mom jeans and sweatshirt and be featured on What Not To Wear.  But there is grace, and not only is it sufficient, it is abundant.

Our little one has blessed us in so many ways…and now I have the blessing of learning to be content with who I am, where I am…imperfections and all.  Not too shabby.  :)

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