Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Picks for Summer Reading

For me, summertime evokes memories of endless days spent on the beach or lake, stretched out in the warmth of the sun, and enjoying a good book.  You won't catch me taking in much sun these days, but I still enjoy my love of reading.

I've learned to be sneaky about it.  As a mom of two tinies, I don't often get uninterrupted lengths of time to devour books.  But I've become adept at sneaking a few minutes here or there {in lieu of Facebook or *gasp* blog-reading} and have surprised myself at how much reading I've accomplished since my little Poppy-seed was born. And as to the sheer volume of books listed, I have not won the lottery. Let's just say my library card and I are BFFs again.

So without further ado...heere are some of my picks for summer reading...

Parenting Books


Design Books

Books on How We Eat

Books that Inspire

Entrepreneurial Inspiration


Children's Picture Books

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