Saturday, June 1, 2013

Announcing The Tids&Bits Collection Launch!

It's a little scary...and extremely exciting!  I'm working my fingers to the bone in every spare moment I can find adding new items to the Tids & Bits Shop.  The last time I launched, I launched quietly.  I turned my store on and I whispered timidly to the world "shhhh....I'm here".  I ran a handful of listings for 4 months and let them expire the week my daughter was born.  They left the interwebs as quietly as they entered.

I took the last 2 months to adjust to being a mom of two, to wage war on my daughter's acid reflux which has plagued our nights and days, and to rest and much as one can with a newborn.  I've read wonderful books as I've sat up all hours of the day and night nursing my little one.  And as exhausted as I still am, I also feel refreshed and inspired.  So this time, I'm excited to announce

The Tids & Bits Collection is launching July 4, 2013!

In it you will find vintage homegoods I've carefully collected from my thrifting adventures and estate sale hunts, along with some handmade homegoods which I think you'll love as much as I do.  They compliment one another, the vintage and the handmade, and I'm thrilled to be taking the shop in a new direction.

I will give you sneak peeks of the collection as it gets closer to July 4, and if you'd like to stay informed of shop updates (including sales!) please feel free to "like" the Tids & Bits Collection Facebook page.

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