Thursday, March 21, 2013


I know it's been quiet here lately.  This baby girl of mine is still baking, but I have been forced to take a huge step back in my daily life in order to preserve my last shred of sanity and keep this girly from making an early appearance.  

I have random lists in my head at all times.  For your general amusement, here is my list of projects that need to be completed, in no particular order (and please, feel free to laugh at/with me because I know these aren't all going to be completed...maybe ever).

  1. pack for the hospital
  2. pack baby girl for the hospital
  3. sew pillow covers for sofa pillows
  4. organize baby girl's dresser drawers
  5. sew a new slipcover for the rocker
  6. sew crib skirt
  7. sew crib bumpers
  8. finish re-painting flowers on nursery wall
  9. hang picture gallery in nursery
  10. hang picture gallery in Kiddo's room
  11. make and order a family photo album for last year, and 2011, and 2010 (and every year going back to 2005)
  12. send in my broken camera lens for repairs (ha! sorry baby girl...looks like we'll be doing iphone video for your birth as well)
  13. sew pretty camera strap for my fancy camera with the broken lens
  14. read each of the 10 books i have currently checked out of the library
  15. add all the pretty vintage items i have to my etsy store
  16. buy baby girl a baby book and write in it
  17. sleep, as much as possible
  18. drink water, as much as possible so my contractions won't be so bad (of course the marathon sprints to the bathroom probably aren't going to help stop my labor)
  19. go to last (LAST?!?!?!) doctor's appointment next week
  20. order stationery and finish thank you cards
  21. get my child out of diapers.....yesternow
  22. get my puppy to stop using the pretty white shag carpet as her personal bathroom
  23. paint chalkboard wall for the Kiddo
  24. paint curio cabinet
  25. clean out a spot for the pack-n-play in the master bedroom
  26. i'd like some pretty pillows for the master bedroom while i'm thinking about it, since i know i'll be sequestered there as the resident milk-cow for at least the month of April
  27. April! take bluebonnet pictures while they're blooming
  28. buy new swimsuit (ugh) that covers my lovely stretch marks
  29. don't forget to go to the dentist next week!
  30. make dermatologist appointment to get rid of those new veins
  31. laundry, laundry, laundry, laundry
  32. pick out a baby name.  this child must be named!!!

Okay, I'm stopping now.  Because really, 32 things on a to-do list when you only have 14 days and 8 hours and 15 minutes before you're supposed to be in the OR meeting your sweet new baby is more than a little crazy.

And really, the one thing I'm most concerned with doing at this point is spending as much time as possible with this handsome man.

I want to snuggle and hold and spend every moment possible with him, making him feel completely treasured and special.  Because everything is about to change!  And I want to make sure he knows he holds a very special place in our family.  :)

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