Monday, July 23, 2012

Pagosa Springs Adventure

I'm sitting, typing, and listening to the Texas locusts and cicadas sing their summer song.  It's peaceful and quiet {for now}, and while I love listening to nature's summer soundtrack, I'm pining for the cool, dry beauty of the Rockies.

My in-laws have a lovely little cabin in Pagosa Spring, CO.  And last week they generously offered to let us get away for a short vacation.  It was heavenly.

A couple of blocks down the street from their cabin is Pagosa Lake.  We walked here every morning and evening and watched afternoon thunderstorms roll in over the mountains and tourists take rides in hot air balloons.

The Kiddo didn't take too well to the dock...feeling the dock move under him was a little too much for him.  It didn't phase the Pupster one single bit, though.

He jumped right in...the cold water didn't phase him one bit!

I think he really wanted to chase down the kayak and make friends with the other pooch.

Downtown Pagosa Springs reminds me of Breckenridge.  It's easy to walk from one place to another and everything centers around the main attraction...the springs!

The springs are hot but the river is cold.  Kiddo had the time of his life tossing rock after rock into the river. 

There's a park down by the river which we couldn't pass up...

To swing or not to swing...that is the question. ;)

Not really.  He would never pass up a chance to swing!

Pretty flowers growing everywhere.  Are these hollyhocks?  I wish they grew in Texas!

My yard is begging for some pretty flowers like these.

Our time there was too short for sure.  There is so much more to do there than we realized.  And it was so lovely to get away from the sweltering heat, if only for a few days.  :)

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