Saturday, June 30, 2012

Anthro Birthday Love

One of my favorite things about Anthro, aside from their general fabulousness, is every year they celebrate my birthday by sending me a coupon.  {Yes, yes, I know...they do this for everyone...but STILL...}

I went in for 4 more latte bowls and came out with, well, 4 more latte bowls AND THIS...

Happ & Stahns {get it....happenstance?} 1922 Lily Sanguine perfume.  In a vintage inspired, amethyst pillow-top bottle with a couple of gigantic birds on top.

Apparently, Happ & Stahns is Anthro's very own brand-spanking-new line of perfume.  This one happens to be the creation of Rodrigo Flores-Roux...also responsible for Tom Ford Private Blend and Badgley Mischka Fleurs de Nuit {as well as Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy and Hilary Duff With Love Hilary Duff...but we won't hold that against him...a man's gotta work}.

I'm not gonna lie, I totally fell for the bottle.  So I did the initial bottle whiff...and tried so hard to like it.  It honestly reminded me of my Granny's old bottles of perfume that were passed on to me for dress up.  You know the kind...old perfume just smells old, no matter how great it once smelled.  But I really, really wanted to like it.  I mean, have you seen the bottle?  So I gave it the benefit of the doubt and did a test spray on my arm, silently praying that I wouldn't get stuck walking around the mall in a stench.

And for a half minute I thought I was doomed.  I didn't like it.  Like with so many perfumes, the initial alcohol-laced-whiff really threw me.

So I moved on to Tocca Cleopatra, which smells lovely in the bottle, and test sprayed my other arm.  And what I discovered was that within 2 minutes the Lily Sanguine had really much that it gave just a hint of a whiff of floral notes, while the Cleopatra completely overwhelmed me, complete with sharp nose twinges.

So the Lily Sanguine came home with me.  I'm hooked on how subtle and soft it really is...not to mention every spray now reminds me of my Granny.  :)

My little action man was super excited to see me.

Because he agrees with Anthro's general fabulousness.  Any store that keeps him well stocked in bags and packing paper is A-OK by him!

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